Image of Senator Claire McCaskill and Senator Kelly Ayotte

Bipartisan Bill Takes Aim at Sexual Assault on Campuses, Protecting Students, Boosting Accountability and Transparency

Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education
WASHINGTON – New, bipartisan legislation introduced Wednesday takes aim at sexual assaults on college and university campuses by protecting and empowering students, and strengthening accountability and transparency for institutions—including establishing stiff penalties for non-compliance with the legislation’s new standards for training, data and best practices.

Strategic Business & Resource Developer

Job Summary: Developer of strategic business relationships/partnerships/alliances/sponsorships (non-membership revenue streams) and College/University institutional memberships. The successful Strategic Business & Resource Developer will: Serve as a consultative field-based “sales and marketing” manager—the primary resource to ACPA’s prospective institutional members on college and university...
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Ardy Gonyer - Member of the Week

ACPA truly has been my professional home since the beginning of my graduate school years. I value ACPA as a professional association because it provides a place of inclusion for all, regardless of social identity, ideology or years of service to the profession. I have found ACPA of particular value as the association has made space for me as a new professional to immediately be involved in...

President Obama Signs Executive Order on LGBT Workplace Equality

Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director

I have exciting news about justice and equality for those in the United States workforce who identify as LGBT. On Monday, July 21, President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning discrimination in the workplace against employees who identify as LGBT and work in the federal government or as federal contractors. This action and spirit of this order is in line with our values , mission ,...

Reflections on Intent and Impact

From the President's Desk

I have spent the last several days reflecting about ACPA. The July Leadership Meeting (JLM) was an amazing few days with ACPA leaders. We were energized, unified, and positive about our Association's vision. We focused on concepts of leading, amplifying, mobilizing, and partnering (LAMP), and I sensed a true excitement about our future. We also talked about the importance of our core values,...